100 days to go…

And with such a milestone, comes the age old question – is Bump blue? Or is Bump pink?

I’m convinced Bump is a boy. Have been since day one. Not to mention the small mishap that was our 20 week scan (idiot sonographer). But we still don’t know. And it’s driving Bump’s dad insane.

So what do the Old Wives say?

Boy: carrying all out front. Tick.
Girl: carrying all round.

Boy: you’re blooming in pregnancy.
Girl: you’ve missed the blooming period altogether. *sigh* yes. 

Boy: no morning sickness. I wish!
Girls: head in the toilet.

Boy: you crave salty food or protein. Tick.
Girl: you crave sweet things. Tick. (Though I craved sweet things before. Maybe discount this one…) 

Boy: you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is even.
Girl: resulting number is odd. 29. 

Boy: your hair is more full-bodied & shiny. Yep. (Though, it was pretty shiny before…)
Girl: lackluster locks

Boy: your leg hair is growing faster than before you were pregnant. No! Win!
Girl: nothing to report.

Boy: your pillow faces North when you sleep.
Girl: your pillow faces South.
errrrrrr…? According to Google maps I face East. Oh god. That can’t be good.

Boy: you were the more aggressive partner during sex when you conceived.
Girl: you were a girl about it.
People clearly didn’t have a lot of sex back in the day so could pin point exactly when they conceived. Or they didn’t have as much on their mind between conception and being asked this so could remember. Either way, let’s leave this one here. 

Boy: You tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it swings in circles.
Girl: it moves from side to side.
Awkward… clearly no one else has ever lived in sin…

Boy: you’re less (or no more) moody than usual.
Girl: you’re more moody than usual.
I’m definitely moody. Though that seems a mild way of putting it. Not sure Bump’s dad would say it’s different to usual…

Boy: you’re asked to show your hands and you present them backs up.
Girl: you present them as palms.
Well this is pointless now. Someone should have asked me before I read this.

Which leaves a tally of: 3 for a boy and 4 for a girl. And 5 indefinites. Load of use the Old Wives are! Team Yellow it is.


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