I’ve had none. It’s so unfair! The one thing I’ve been looking forward to about being pregnant. And it’s passed me by.

I seem to be getting all the negative side effects of this whole affair and none of the fun. All my friends ask with a glint in their eye, ‘what cravings have you had?’. Turns out that cravings aren’t a given.

That being said, I have had some mild moments of madness:

Last Thursday, I craved salt so badly we had to pull over & get me some McDonalds chips. First time in my life I’ve bought just chips. Ashamed? I probably should be, but I was so happy tucking into my large Maccy D’s chips that I simply didn’t care.

However, on Tuesday I had 6 little chocolates & desperately averted my eyes from the bag across the office. This was the second time (in 5 months, hardly a craving) I’d wanted more & more chocolate. Which for someone who even before she was lactose intolerant was never interested in chocolate is a strange concept.

But this to me isn’t cravings. It’s not ‘give-me-fried-pickles-in-chocolate-ice-cream-now-or-die!’. Which is what I was hoping for. Where’s the fun in this if I can’t demand & torment others?


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