25 weeks

20131111-102404 am.jpgOnly 15 weeks to go. Cue slight panic.

Bump is now about 35cm long. (That’s longer than a standard ruler. The size of a swede… whatever a swede is.) He’s plumping out a little bit, filling out his wrinkly skin. (Thank god. Don’t want no Benjamin Button on our hands!) & apparently, if we could see inside my womb (ew) we could see if he was blond, brunette or ginger. He’ s also now responsive to light & touch.

In short, our littl’un is a proper little person. And he’s not letting me forget it. Bump has really started to move. At Bonfire Night on Saturday he was doing somersaults at the fireworks bangs. (I did feel a little cruel, it has to be said.) And whenever I’m sat still for longer than about 20 mins at a time he starts pitter pattering away.

Bump’s dad started his music education on Saturday. Happy to report there was no movement during John Mayer but Bump seemed to be tapping his feet to the Rolling Stones. So far, sadly, no reaction to Swan Lake or Broadway hits… I’m working on it… there’s still time.


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