So, when does the pregnancy glow start? …Please!?

The nausea has returned. With a vengeance.

I suffered from morning sickness in my first trimester, though was lucky compared to many. It would come on late morning and last until around 6pm but was a manageable level most days. I found crisps helped and grapes.

I’m now 24 weeks & 5 days. I started with horrendous heart burn a few weeks ago but Gaviscon helped keep it at bay.That is until this week when the flavour started making me feel a bit sick. Then I spent Wednesday night confined to the bathroom until the wee hours thinking my dinner was to make a second appearance. Half way to work this morning I nearly had to pull over.

They say eating helps with morning sickness. Slight issue, eating brings on the heart burn. So do I eat to reduce the nausea but increase heart burn, which increases nausea anyway? Or not eat, prolonging the nausea but no heart burn? The choices!

Turns out, it’s quite common for morning sickness to resurface in Trimester 3 (which is imminent) especially in women with short torsos. Once the baby really starts to grow, all your organs get pushed up into your ribs, creating less & less room for you. (Thanks a bunch Bump.) But in short women, there’s even less room than in a ‘standard’ sized woman for your stomach. So basically, at a smidge over 5ft tall, looks like I’m screwed.

What happened to this pregnancy glow I hear so much about? It seems to have passed me by. Ba humbug.


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