What’s in a name?

The most common question I get asked is ‘Have you thought of any names yet?’. (Which, yes, we have.) But no one asks about what you’ll be called.

People have started calling my ‘Mummy’. Which I really quite dislike. It sounds so lackluster and uninspired. There’s no personality there. If anything, you’re a dead person roaming the earth wrapped in toilet paper. (Not my best look…)

I’ve never had a Mummy. When I was three, my Mexican friend called her mother ‘Mama’ so I copied her. Then we moved to the Deep South (State-side of the pond) where everyone called their Mamas ‘Mama’ & my Mama realised she was fighting a losing battle. And so she was Mama forever more.

I, therefore, think of myself as a Mama. Surely, at the very least, I should be ‘Mommy’? But Mummy?! Ergh. Please no!

I’m not the only one struck by a sudden identity crisis. After 21 years of being ‘Mama’, my Mama’s in need of a new name. She only looks about 39, which doesn’t really go with the grey sounding ‘Grandma’. And my Dad isn’t even 50 yet so doesn’t seem keen on ‘Grandpa’.

Even H (Dad’s girlfriend) & her mom are struggling. Because for them, Grandmas are ‘Nanna’. But can they both be Nanna?

And yet, three-year-old me shows that this is all really quite pointless. Because kids will call you what they like anyway. So why am I worrying?


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