The Lactose-&-Cash-Flow-Deficiency

At 19, I was diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance. And it sucks.

It’s like having a colour TV your whole life then being told, sorry, we made a mistake. You’re only supposed to have a black & white one.

I used to drink pints of milk. My life was filled with chocolate fudge cake and cheese (not together). And it was fabulous. But as if the cruelty of life without lactosey-goodness wasn’t enough, it turns out that soy, goat’s milk & other dairy alternatives are rather expensive. Which means you not only have a defective digestive system, you suffer a cash flow deficiency as well!

That is, until I fell pregnant…

In a weird, wonderful & unexplained phenomenon, my lactose intolerance has disappeared since falling pregnant.

One 2008 study found that 44% of it’s female participants experienced this same joyous result. What no amount of Googleing can tell me is, is this merry state of cookie-dough-ice-cream-delight here to stay? Or – the horror! – is life merely taunting me for 9 months to plunge me back into my grey world come D-Day? (Because apparently child birth isn’t painful enough.)

So for now, I’m making the most of my new found food freedom and stuffing my face with everything I have (on the whole) avoided for the past five years. I even had a glass of cow’s milk last night. Truth be told, I didn’t really like the taste anymore. But I can drink it. And therefore I will. Purely on principle.

20131029-083416 pm.jpg

So now, I just need to figure out the cash flow deficiency. Turns out, that may be less to do with alternative dairy products & more to do with a clothes and shoes surplus… oops.


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