Bump says ‘hello’

It’s official. Bump & I have moved. The place is in utter chaos as we try to find space for everything but it’s getting there.

But that’s actually not the big news of the weekend….

Bump’s dad helped us move yesterday & stayed for a classy moving-day-dinner of Domino’s, chicken wings & garlic bread. (Moving day law states that even pregnant women don’t have to eat healthily after a day of hauling boxes. Or in my case, supervising & carrying the odd cushion.)

And… He felt Bump kick!

I’ve been feeling flutters since the eve of my 18th week. I mistook the first few as my tummy grumbling & then suddenly realised it was actually Bump saying ‘hello’.

But over the last week, Bump’s suddenly grown in strength. I began feeling his nudges with my hand just over a week ago & in truth it quite creeped me out. Felt like a little alien trying to get out! But I’m getting used to it now.

Bump’s dad has been excited & nervous to feel our little wriggler & was quite stunned by the whole experience. It’s strange; being pregnant has been physically very real for me from the start. But for Bump’s dad, it’s only just beginning to be more than something you talk about as Bump starts to properly protrude & now can actually feel him kick. The best part is that this gives him something to feel a connection with Bump about. He’s even nicknamed the littlun’ ‘B’.


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