Pastures New

Alas the time has come. I’m moving out. I’m leaving my beloved London to move back in with my mom in leafy Hertfordshire. It’s going to be so quiet!

I’m very sad to say good bye to my girls. The Tall One & The Small One have been incredible the last 4 months. They’ve cooked me dinner when I’ve been too tired to even make toast; they’ve sat with me while I’ve cried. These two have injected the fun into the first half of my pregnancy, reminding me of the excitement to come even when I was at my lowest. I have had so much fun living with them (even with The Tall One accosting Bump at regular intervals in recent months! Learn some personal space boundaries girl!) and it is bittersweet leaving them to continue on mine & Bump’s adventure. I will be forever grateful to them for everything.

I won’t, however, miss living on the third floor without an elevator. That’s been a killer.

But London, this isn’t good bye. Merely so long for now. I’ll be back – with a pushchair in tow.


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