The Half Way Mark: 20 week scan

I’m actually quite lost for words, which isn’t that helpful when you’re writing a blog.

It was an incredible experience. Made all of this so real. This is inside me! (Happy to report it looks nothing like anything in Alien. This is a relief.)

We saw Bump’s  little face, little hands, little lips, little toes. Everything – even the kidneys (was a real Kodak moment, right there. Two kidneys. Boom.)

So. World, meet Bump –

However, we told the sonographer we didn’t want to know the sex. At one point, he turned around and said, ‘You’re looking! You said you didn’t want to know!’. Then  we clocked what we were looking at. I was quite upset as with this all being rather a shock back on pee-on-a-stick-day, I really wanted something to look forward to (other than the actual baby, which admittedly, is rather a large prize to wait 9 months for). So we don’t 100% know.  The sonographer laughed & didn’t confirm anything. But I’m pretty sure Bump is of the blue variety. So for the sake of this blog, Bump will now be referred to as ‘he’. Because always saying ‘he or she’ is tiresome and ‘it’ seems a bit mean.

But the important thing is that at the moment, there’s nothing to suggest there’s any abnormalities. I’ve never felt so grateful for anything before. Thank you universe.


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