That ‘oh shit’ moment

20 weeks ago today I peed on a stick. In fact, I peed on two. And then I booked a doctors appointment – just to be sure.

My bump was unplanned and unexpected. My boyfriend & I were 24, our whole lives ahead of us, our careers finally getting under way. We’d been together 4 1/2 years but were still living with friends because ‘we’re young, there’s no need to rush’ and ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

And then there was that stick. And that ‘oh shit’ moment.

20 weeks on, on the eve of my half way scan, although I’m excited about what lies ahead I look back at that first day with sadness. My other-half and I came at this from entirely different perspectives. To him, it was a problem to be fixed. To me, it was a diversion in whatever path I’d be on. We’re still working through those differences.

So, I’m a  Mama-to-be. And being an only child with no cousins, I’m about as clueless as you can get about kids. But I’m lucky to have the support of about 15 very excited girlfriends, a Father who is playing the ever practical but caring Dad role and one soon-to-be Grandmama who has provided the most wonderful example. If I can become half the Mama she was, Bump and I will be ok.

So this is our story. Come along for the ride. It’s about to get bumpy.


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