Provence in pictures

Just a quick one to round up our holiday in the South of France the other week. We met my in-laws and their eleven and nine year old out there for a proper family holiday. 

Sadly, I don’t have as many holiday days to play with as the Other Half, so I could only join them for a long weekend, where as Little Miss and the OH we’re out there a week. 

Little Miss loved having Auntie Chatterbox and her favourite Uncle 24/7 to play with. And this year was the first year she’s actually wanted to go in the pool!


The holiday was nearly off to a rough start, delayed for hours in Luton Airport… But nothing a bit of beer and Little Miss’ first taste of sushi couldn’t fix!


First morning in Provence and Little Miss was straight out to the pool. She was a bit tentative at first, sticking to the steps, filling up her water pistol…


But we got her in eventually!


We took my old Canon IXUS from our Uni days with its waterproof case. We thought the kids might enjoy it and thought we could get some cool shots of them in the pool. Little Miss’ favourite Uncle has started showing an interest in photography recently (taking after big bro, clearly!) and took quite a shine to the luminous pink camera!


Auntie Chatterbox making a splash!




Auntie Chatterbox and Little Miss’ favourite Uncle (and my toes). 

toddler in pink rubber ring boat in the pool, in pink sunglasses and a pink swimsuit looking uber chilled

Meanwhile, above the water… It’s the first holiday Little Miss has actually wanted to get in the pool, not least thanks to her little boat – a very pink rubber ring with a betting base so she couldn’t fall through. It made such a difference. She felt safe and independent in the water and could join in the fun – until the netting base suddenly came away and she was left calling “Daddyyyy!!” As she gripped the ring!


Little Miss felt a little left out and so took the camera from me while she was on the side and took this photo of me. Honestly, I was really impressed! At two and half, she’s definitely taking after her Daddy. This photo will always be a special one for me as the first Little Miss ever took all on her own. 


Auntie Chatterbox being super patient as Little Miss did her hair one morning. (I speak from experience when I say this is a painful task!) 


While chilling at our favourite cafe one morning with coffee and croissants, Little Miss made a little fury friend. He was lovely, and let her pet him time and time again… until she pet him too hard and then he retaliated… Oops!


Of course, if you combine a toddler with a nine and eleven year old, eventually, something will come a cropper… Her Uncle was trying to teach her pinky promise but it didn’t quite work out as he had imagined. Little Miss couldn’t remember which finger she was supposed to use! The Other Half, of course, there with the camera at the perfect moment as ever!

image 24

Lactose Intolerance on Holiday: Italy

Being lactose intolerant at home (which for us is the UK) is hard enough. But going on holiday can really throw a spanner in the works, especially when kids are involved.

We’re lucky that Little Miss is a relatively good and non-fussy eater. But just like every other toddler, she has her moments, and you never know what will be her pet peeve of the day – strange tasting milk or cheese that doesn’t look the same as at home, perhaps?

My parents have a house in Italy, so we’ve spent a reasonable amount of time there over the years – both myself as a lactose intolerant adult and now with our daughter who is also lactose intolerant since birth.

Italy is actually a great place to go away if you’re lactose intolerant and over the past five years or so, the range of products available has really increased.

So I thought I’d share my top tips and learnings from our time in Italy with a lactose intolerant family member.

Eating out:

By law, Italian menus must state any potential allergens on the menu. And most restaurants, particularly in metropolitan or tourist areas are geared up to deal with special dietary requirements.

The Italians are exceptionally friendly, and almost all the waiters we encounter speak enough English to help us get by. They love children and will do anything to help us  find something for Little Miss to eat. But a few ideas to get you started…

Cheese options:

  • Parmesan has minimal lactose content, but may still upset little tummies. (We’ve had mixed results with parmesan and Little Miss.)
  • Pecorino cheese is a hard sheep’s cheese and very, very, very light on lactose content. Our two year old eats this without any problems (once she got over the fact it tasted different to cheese at home). Most restaurants will have Pecorino in the kitchen, you just have to ask to swap out mozzarella or other cheeses.
  • Buffalo mozzarella is almost completely lactose free, so worth asking if they have this too.


  • Hotel breakfasts are a lot of pastries and cereals so eggs or a cooked breakfast and toast with honey or jam might be your best bet.
    (If your baby is weaning, try spreading olive oil on the toast instead of butter just to soften it a little.)
  • Traditional pizza bases are made with olive oil, not butter, so you’re all good with pizza without cheese (or one of the alternatives above). But be aware, pizza is traditionally a dinner only meal, so unless you’re in tourist areas, you’re unlikely to find anywhere at lunch serving pizzas.
  • Pasta with a tomato sauce or Bolognese.
  • Fish and meat dishes are on most menus as well, just make sure the vegetables are cooked in olive oil rather than butter.
  • Sorbetto and Granita are both dairy free ice cream options at the Gelaterias (sometimes contain egg white) and taste amazing.
Little Miss with her beloved lemon sorbet


Things to watch out for…

  • Double check any pasta sauces are dairy free as many traditional recipes with include a handful of parmesan in there too.
  • Risotto is likely to be cooked with butter and olive oil, with parmesan and possibly cream in the mix. So this might be best avoided.

Food shopping in Italy:

lactose free milk in italyOver the past few years, lactose free options in supermarkets have increased significantly, making it an ideal location for self-catered holidays. Even the tiny SPAR at the end of our road had a good selection of lactose free and soy products.

In various supermarkets we saw the following:

  • lactose free milk
  • soy milk
  • lactose free cream cheese (Philadelphia)
  • lactose free cheese and ham toasties in a bag ready to be popped in the toaster (in the fridge aisle)

If you’re weaning a baby:

  • lactose free Aptamil formula powder (I advise you used bottled water for this FYI)
  • numerous baby food options that were dairy free

Helpful phrases: 

  • latteria (dairy)
  • latte (milk)
  • senza lattosio (no/without lactose / dairy free)
  • senza formaggio (no/without cheese)
  • lo non sono (no soy)
  • Possiamo avere la pizza con pecorino, invece di mozzarella? (Can we have the pizza with pecorino instead of mozzarella?)

Other than that, have a great holiday!

Have you been to Italy with lactose intolerance? Do you have any tips to add?


Review: Maps International Pin Board Map

About a year and a half ago, I wrote that we had decided on a ‘theme’ for Little Miss’ bedroom.

It’s been a slow process pulling Little Miss’ Adventurer Bedroom together (not least due to lack of funds!) but the other month, one of the final pieces to the puzzle landed in our laps.

Maps International very kindly offered us a map from their website in exchange for a review. We couldn’t believe our luck! The choice was never ending and it took us quite some time to choose.

My heart wanted to opt for the giant world map wall paper, creating a feature wall for Little Miss (how amazing would that be!) but being in a rented house, my head steered my towards a more portable, less permanent option.

In the end, we settled on the political world map pin board, with the idea that Little Miss could use it to chart her adventures over the next 18 years and beyond. There was a personalised option, on which you could print a boarder and a special message but we decided to go for the plain version to ensure it didn’t date (ignoring the possibility that political lines may change over time thus the map would date anyway… Didn’t think of that until now… Hmm… I digress.)


It’s actually quite a thin pin board, meaning it’s nice and light to hang on the wall. It came with a picture hook pre-installed on the back, but we actually used sticky on picture things which are meant to leave no marks on the wall. (It’s been up nearly a month and so far these are holding strong!) The plan is when we eventually own our own place we’ll get it framed (without glass, obviously) and hang it properly.

Little Miss is a bit young yet to understand the concept that ‘this is the world’ but she’s enjoying the new picture on her wall. Being above the changing table, she’s been able to get quite up close to it and likes to tell us which part of the picture we all live in (it changes every time, and is more about which colour she designates each person than anything else, and Daddy is always yellow because he has yellow hair and Lambie is always in Antarctica, Green Land or the North Pole because he’s white poor thing… but it’s a start!)

So overall, we’ve been really impressed with the map pin board from Maps International and would 100% recommend it. They were an absolute delight to deal with, delivery was super speedy and the map was really well wrapped. I can’t fault them or their product to be honest!


Little Miss has already started personalising her map…


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The Potty Training Diaries: days 11-17

Just a quick update today as we’ve definitely turned a corner this week in the potty training saga…

Days 11-14 I had a very welcomed break from potty training as the Other Half and Little Miss spent an extra four days in the South of France.

Apparently she did reasonably well; they continued with a mixture of the toilet and make-shift potty out of a bucket. (Apparently the OH didn’t want to buy a potty for the sake of three days so he went old school…) Having the potty in close proximity rather than a toilet some walk away in another room out of site seemed to help, but ultimately, it’s another week on and I’m coming to realise that while there are stories of kids who nail it in three days, Little Miss just isn’t one of them.

But we do seem to have turned a real corner this week. Little Miss only had one accident at nursery on Friday, which was more like a pre-tinkle, before she made it to the potty for the main show. Speaking to nursery at pick on Friday, they confirmed they thought she was definitely ready, which put my mind at rest.

Reading Princess Polly's Potty on the potty during potty training.

Reading potty themed stories on the potty to try to relax Little Miss and get her used to the new method. (It worked!)

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a great day with only one tiny accident again and today, we were even brave enough to take her to the movies to see Finding Dory, which I’m not sure was more excited – her or us! She lasted the entire movie with no wee (though we insisted she take too loo breaks, she declined to do the deed once we were in a cubicle). She did have an accident when we got home having held it for so long, bless her. 

But the piece de resistance…
Today, she even managed a number two in the potty. Granted, she hadn’t gone for 48 hours and obviously just couldn’t hold it any longer – she looked up when we were in the garden mildly panicked and started making concerned sounding ‘mmmm oooh!’ at which point the OH airlifted her to the potty the other side of the garden! But she did it! She made it! And we clapped and cheered, followed by “don’t touch it!!!” 

This is a massive step. Apparently it’s the hardest part of potty training for little ones as it feels so different to going in a diaper. We’d been saying when she did a poo in the potty she could have a present (no parent is above bribery) so today she earned a little pot of orange play dough. Which she played with very, very happily all afternoon.

While I think we’re a ways off being 100% trained, week two (and a bit) has been completely different to week one when I was nearing my whits end. Little Miss seems to suddenly be clicking, to the point where last night she called me up to her room every hour for three hours after bedtime to whisper a bit timidly that she needed a new diaper as she’d done a wee. I dutifully changed her each time, reassured her it was ok, that it wasn’t an accident if she was in a diaper and not to worry. Either the message sunk in or she finally fell asleep exhausted at nearly 10pm as we didn’t hear anything from her then until 6:30 this morning! Hallelujah.

The Potty Training Diaries: days 6-10

We’ve been in the South of France since Wednesday (day six), which we had hoped Little Miss would be starting to ‘click’ by then, ready for a stress free holiday.

But that didn’t happen. 

Potty Training on a plane…!

In fact, my mum (who looks after Little Miss on Wednesdays) was rather stressed by the morning of accidents and we did indeed decide to put Little Miss in pull-ups for the drive to the airport and the flight.

Never have I been so pleased for a decision made. Luton airport was a total nightmare; half built and our flight was two hours delayed. The place was utterly rammed and the queue for the toilets was ridiculous. Knowing we didn’t have to worry was such a relief. 

Though, ironically, Little Miss actually asked to use the toilet on the plane and major kudos to the Other Half here who dutifully took her, balanced her on the loo and managed a mess-free toilet visit on a plane! 

Slow and steady wins the race….. Right?

But overall, I’m sorry to say that Little Miss still isn’t ‘getting it’. We’re still at a 50/50 rate of accidents to successes – if we’re lucky. She associates the stickers with wees in general, and even asked for one after she had an accident in the Sunday market this morning (day ten)! She doesn’t seem any closer to understanding when she needs to go than she was ten days ago. 

Little Miss barefoot in a yellow summer dress ready to go to the market against the Provence hills.

Upside to little girls is you can potty train in dresses, which I imagine is much easier to simply pull up and go! Downside – you ruin such pretty little dresses! (Above: this morning before the market…)

The piece de resistance was at the Sunday market this morning (before the wee accident mentioned above). She hadn’t pooed for two days. We knew it was coming and she was just like a ticking time bomb. Determined not to let potty training dampen our holiday (ha-ha)  the OH insisted we tried to go out as normal (as you probably guessed from the airplane escapade, he’s coping with this stage remarkably well!). So we did dinner one night (with no accidents, a miracle!), brunch and a visit to a national park and the market today. 

We sat in the square with pastries and coffees, before doing the weekly shop as we always do when at my in-laws’ place in Provence. From across the table, I must have asked her if she needed a wee four times in ten minutes. After a few minutes the OH and his eleven year old brother suddenly smelled something. While she had been aggressively proclaiming “no, I don’t!” to needing a wee, she had taken a shit in her knickers and sat sipping Auntie Chatterbox’s apple juice utterly nonchalantly.

The OH scooped her like a damsel in distress, being oh-so-careful not to touch her bum, while equally, not wanting to spill anything en route to the cafe loos where we managed to clean her up and change her clothes, for her to wet herself twice more before finally leaving the market. 

I mean, it was bleak. Like, really bleak. One of those dark moments of parenting you hear about but quietly tell yourself, ‘it won’t happen to us’… 

Is she ready?

All this has sparked a discussion about whether she’s genuinely ready, or whether she simply saw her friends at nursery start using the toilet or the potty and not wanting to be left out. 

I swear I’m hearing “Do you need a wee?” in my sleep. 

When I wrote the first entry to The Potty Training Diaries ten days ago, it sparked hilarious chat on Twitter among my fellow parenting bloggers. One even claiming he poured himself a beer at his daughter’s tea time for the first time ever when potty training, just to get him through the final few hours. Stories like this came flooding in but I niaively laughed at their stories, thinking, ‘well, you don’t know anyone at 10 who isn’t potty trained, so she’ll figure it out, how bad can it be?!’ 

Bad. It can be bad. And stressful. And messy. 

The OH is a neat freak. He’s the domesticated one between us, he does the cleaning. Mess doesn’t bother me in the same way it does him. Yet bizarrely, he’s coping remarkably better than I am with this stage. When Little Miss wet herself for the third time in forty minutes his morning, I had to really bite my tongue not to loose it and just put a diaper on her and be done with it. The OH meanwhile stayed calm, got her changed (again) and was managing to even laugh! 

lots of toddler clothes on the washing line

So much laundry…

 The OH (who has many more holiday days to play with than I do) and Little Miss are staying in Provence with his parents, brother and sister for a further four days. We’ve decided he’s going to buy a potty tomorrow as a last ditch attempt for the next four days. If there’s no improvement, I think we’ll have to seriously consider reverting to diapers for the time being as frankly, I can’t indefinitely be cleaning up wee this regularly for the next X amount of months while she figures it out.

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The Potty Training Diaries: day 5

Just a really quick one this evening to say there were only three accidents at nursery today – so an improvement on yesterday (yippee!) and a very successful evening at home for potty training (which in our case, is more like toilet training). 

Little Miss even told us about using the “little toilet” at nursery when we asked her about her day. So all feeling a bit more positive this evening. 

Little Miss choosing which pants to wear this morning.

Choosing which pants to wear for the day is a big decision…

She was very particular when choosing which pants to wear for nursery this morning. They had to be just the right ones. We nearly went for helicopters, but ended up with lime green ones with a chameleon on them, just like Rapunzel’s little friend (in Tangled). 

Tomorrow is a quieter day as it’s her day with Nina, so we’re hoping another day one-on-one will help really cement good habits. Apart from the fact we’re actually flying to France in the evening tomorrow! Which there is debate putting her back in diapers just for the flight so we’re less stressed. You can guarantee the one time she won’t be able to hold it will be take off or landing! But we’ll see how tomorrow goes I suppose. 

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The Potty Training Diaries: day 4

So today was Little Miss’ first day at nursery post-nappies.

After a pooless day yesterday, the first words out of her mouth when I popped my head round her door this morning were, “I need a poo, Mummy! In the toilet, Mummy.” 

So off we went, but no poo came. 

She was packed off to nursery with a bag full of changes of clothes and knickers (all dutifully labelled, of course – though if a poor pair of knickers didn’t find their way back to us, that really wouldn’t be the end of the world…). 

In the car, we reminded her that if she needed the toilet, she needed to tell Sarah (her key worker), or whichever of the nursery workers was to hand. She didn’t really say anything, but I hoped she was taking it all on board… 

I nearly called at lunchtime to see how she was getting on, but didn’t want to be that parent. So I waited (impatiently) until I got home after work for the news. 

Unfortunately, though not overly unexpectedly, today’s rate was back to 50/50, with the poo finally arriving as an accident mid-afternoon. 

dirty clothes from nursery in a plastic bag

When clothes come home from nursey in a plastic bag on a normal day, you know it’s been a messy one. But these plastic bags now have a whole new (dreaded) meaning…

It makes sense that she should regress a little today at nursey. I doubt they asked her every ten minutes if she needed to go and with the best will in the world, they simply can’t watch her for signs every second of the day given the ratio is three or four kids to one adult vs the two adults to one child we had at the weekend. 

My biggest concern is that I don’t want Little Miss’ confidence to be knocked as a result of having more accidents. She was so proud of herself (and her mermaid stickers) by yesterday evening. 

I do think Little Miss would have benefitted from another day or two at home potty training rather than being thrown in the deep end today at nursery. But springing it on us the end of last week, and a serious lack of holiday days to play with on my part, mean taking time off this week for potty training wasn’t really an option sadly. 

The OH said that the nursery worker did make a comment to Little Miss about how many accidents they’d had today when he picked her up. The motherly instinct in me bristled at this news, as I feel like that is t motivating or encouraging. But I keep telling myself I have to trust that the nursery workers have done this a hundred times more than we have – surely they must know what they’re doing and I’m trying not to overthink it too much… Not my strong suit…

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The Potty Training Diaries: day 3

And so, dare I say it, I think we’ve turned a corner… 

We can’t really believe how quick it happened. We had one little, teeny, tiny half-a-tinkle accident this morning but Little Miss stopped herself and managed to make it to the toilet (with help) to finish.

And we didn’t have any other accidents all day! 

She’s been brilliant. She’s been singing a song Nina taught her a few weeks ago about knickers that fly away (don’t ask) a lot and we’ve read a book called the Queen’s Knickers from my childhood. 

Around midday, I asked Little Miss if she needed the toilet and she stopped short, looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh no!”. She promptly half ran, half sprint-crawled up the stairs to the bathroom and said, “my knickers Mummy! My knickers!” I pulled them down dutifully, and up the step she went. She weed into the toilet, perfectly.

I offered her a sticker And she said, 

“No Mummy. No want a sticker.” I was quite surprised by this, as frankly, stickers are like crack to toddlers and had been working beautifully for the past 24 hours. 

“I want a biscuit,” she said. Ah. I see what’s going on. She thinks she can trade up her reward. 

“No LM, you get a sticker when you do a wee in the toilet, not a biscuit.” 

“No Mummy. Big biscuit.” And she hopped down, and started off down the stairs. So in short, she got a big biscuit and no sticker. 

mermaid stickers on the map in her bedroom

LM has a map in her bedroom hanging above the changing table and she asked to be lifted up so she could stick the mermaids on her map. (The first three she chosen from the packet even looked lkke the three from the programme!)

The OH had to pop out later in the afternoon and returned with puffy mermaid stickers, however, which went down an absolute storm. (Pokemon and mermaids are the current big fad here – they’re her two favourite Netflix shows at the moment.) So much so, that the biscuit upsell was forgotten in favour of the mermaid stickers!

We’re so proud of how she’s done today. We really didn’t expect her to just appear to ‘get it’ today. 

Little Miss even seemed to hold it when we were watching Tangled at one point, refusing to go to the loo part way through (because that would mean pressing pause!). In the end, it was a very tense few hours (for me) but she managed it, no sweat.

By the end of the day, she was telling me to stay downstairs when she needed to go and shutting the bathroom door so she could go by herself!

The only hurdle left is a number two. Little Miss just didn’t do one today – maybe she didn’t need to, or maybe it was a bit intimidating doing it on the loo. We’re not sure, but probably the latter. 

Tomorrow Little Miss is back at nursery to it’ll be really interesting to see how she manages with the change from home and more distractions. But they have little mini people sized toilets, so hopefully that will only help the situation!

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The Potty Training Diaries: day 2

Well, I’m exhausted. 

Little Miss was asleep in my arms at 7:20pm before her milk and before I’d even got her pjs on. So I think the day took it out of her too! 

Little Miss woke at 7:30am (a lie in!) and we were straight off with the diaper and onto the toilet. But no wee. She was very excited about wearing her new knickers (she chose ones covered in dinosaurs – which are actually cameleons). And off downstairs for breakfast. 

It was two hours before her first wee of the day – which was an accident. Stuck at home all weekend, I thought we’d bake some cookies to pass some of the time. Little Miss loves baking and cooking so tonight it would go down well. So while she was sat on the kitchen floor mixing the batter, wee numero uno occurred. She just looked a bit flabbergasted as a pool slowly spread around her!

blue boys' pants with a cameleon on them following a potty training accident


 I scooped her up, brought her upstairs to the loo and plopped her on it, explaining this is where we do wees and she needs to tell us when she needs to go, because knickers don’t hold any wee like diapers, etc, etc.

Ok, so off we go again. 

Two hours later, same again.

Try again… 

Thirty minutes later, a mini tinkle. Whisk her upstairs, and she managed one whole drip of wee into the toilet. 

Little Miss' hedgehog sticker for her first wee in the toilet

Little Miss’ “chug”

Naturally, we cheered and danced at her achievement and she got a hedgehog sticker, which she was thrilled with and promptly dropped into the loo (?!) and then asked where the “chug” was every time we went to the loo thereafter for many hours…Ten minutes later, another tinkle. Off we run again. 

Ten minutes later, another wee in the toilet. Woohoo!! Another sticker (Mickey Mouse this time.) 

Thirty minutes later, another accident… 

Fifteen minutes later, a few drips, but she held it until the loo – yeehaa!! Cue a Lion King sticker (these went down exceptionally well). 

You get the idea.

We netted out at probably 50/50 accidents to wees in the toilet and one poo, which was an accident. Bless her, she was coming in from the garden to tell us but she just wasn’t fast enough. 

We only have one bathroom upstairs and she spent pretty much the entire day outside. She did so well, as we scooped her up and sprinted upstairs each time. 

We read a story about Princess Polly and her Potty about 1pm, which Little Miss loved, but it only confused matters as we weren’t using a potty. So we hid that book! 

The advice from numerous people was to skip the potty if we could. I don’t know if we’ll manage it yet, but we’re trying. She was very excited by the potty, however and perhaps less intimidated – and with the bathroom being upstairs, it might be easier with a potty just in the kitchen. So we’ll see how we go…

We were told to put her on the toilet every thirty minutes whether she said she needed to go or not. We weren’t very good at this and I think that made the first morning harder. But who knows frankly. Little Miss really didn’t like sitting on the loo unless she actually needed to go, so it may have just made it more stressful for everyone. 

I actually found it far more stressful than expected, while the OH was a lot more chilled than either of us expected! (Though he did decided today was a good day to reorganise the kitchen. I whole heartedly disagreed. Though I will begrudgingly admit it is better now…) 

Little Miss is in a nappy for bed tonight (albeit one of those more grown up nappy pants types). Trying to get her to be dry through the night would have been utterly pointless and it was one battle I just wasn’t willing to fight this round. Round one we’re just aiming for dry through the day. We’d be happy with that.

But as they say, tomorrow is another day…

côte de beouf bbq picnic in the garden with Little Miss in the background playing

We treated ourselves to a côte de beouf BBQ picnic and beers to cheer ourselves up this evening, which we enjoyed mainly cold thanks to two mad dashes to the toilet and one near accident… But it was still pretty amazing. The OH outdid himself.

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The Potty Training Diaries: day 1

The first sign…

Two weekends ago, we were in Surrey looking after Auntie Chatterbox and Little Miss’ favourite Uncle while the Other Half’s parents tended to family duties in Gloucestershire.

I did Little Miss’ usual bedtime around 7:30, while the OH manned the other two (though at nine and eleven, they don’t need ‘manning’ per say). When it came time for them to go to bed around 8/8:30, Little Miss still wasn’t asleep and started calling me. Eventually, I gave in and went to see what was the matter.

“Mummy, I’m wet,” she announced. And before I could even respond a simple, ‘oh,’ she pulled her nappy to the side and weed in the cot. I just stood there gawping, shocked. She’d never done anything like this before. When I finally came to my senses, I got her (and the cot) cleaned up and started bedtime again.

The day without a nappy by mistake…

A week later, (last weekend), she spent nearly the whole day with no diaper on in the garden playing in the paddling pool. All day, we kept saying she needed a diaper on if she went inside, did she need a wee wee, do not poo anywhere!

So of course, what did she do? She followed me into the galley at the end of the garden, I deposited the bin bag into the bin, turned around and headed back in the gate. I turned around to call Little Miss as I re-entered the garden to see her toddling behind me. And a massive poo on the path.

“What?! Did you do that Little Miss?!”

[LM looks.]

“Oh. Yes. That’s LM’s poo.”

“You did a poo?!”

“Yes. My poo… Mummy, you need to clean me.”

Great. I need to clean the path too…

The resistance…

And finally, we arrive at yesterday. Bedtime. It was unusually pleasant until she got out of the bath – at which point came the usual wrestle into a diaper, then the pjs saga. I reached for them, averting my gaze for what can only have been five seconds, and her diaper was gone.

“No diaper Mummy.”

“No LM, we need a diaper, please, it’s bedtime.” [Bracing self to resume the battle again.]

“No want it Mummy.”

“Oh. But it’s bedtime, you need a diaper.”

“No want it Mummy.”

And so it went for the next fifteen minutes until it ended with her in tears and me exasperated but victorious. I just wasn’t ready to start potty training during a Thursday bedtime. No, no, no.

It begins…

So. Today. Friday… We’re going for it.

After last night’s bedtime fiasco, I put a call out on Facebook for potty-training tips, and amongst others, one friend messaged me a link to the Three Day Potty-Training Method.

Tonight, we stopped at the big Tesco Extra after nursery and let her choose her own knickers and a little toilet seat (another tip from the Facebook crowd).

The OH had told Little Miss we were going to get her a present from the shop, so she was very excited when they picked me up from the station. When we explained she got to choose her own big girl knickers, she immediately went for the boys’ section.

Little Miss choosing first pair of knickers from the boys' section with trucks on

Little Miss showing Daddy her first choice of pants with trucks on.

She took a shine to a pair with trucks on, but they didn’t have her size. In fact, they barely had her size in any styles – boys or girls.

The OH was appalled, almost outraged, that at age two you had choose between girls’ and boys’ (Little Miss clothes shopping has been more my domain until this evening) and that all the girls’ options were pink, floral and utterly girly.

Seeing as Little Miss went straight for the trucks and ended up with a pair of boys’ dinosaur briefs, I think the case is there for F&F’s designers to brand out a little… (Luckily a close friend of mine is an F&F childrenswear designer so I’ll be passing in the feedback!) I digress…

Little Miss is all prepped for the morning, we’ve explained what’s going to happen. She keeps saying “I wear my knickers in the morning”. A couple of the kids at nursery are using the toilets/potty now so it’s not an alien concept (and I wondered if that’s why the sudden change of heart on her part).

But honestly, we’re utterly unprepared for this. We’ve done very little reading (hugely unlike the new-mum-me from two years ago!) and are sort of flying by the seat of our pants. Little Miss is leading the charge on this one. But we’re going for it anyway!

Safe to say, the OH, with his love of all things neat and tidy, is terrified. I’m a mixture of excited and terrified. I’ll keep you posted!


Let the games begin…

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